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Philosophy Gym Ankle/Wrist Weights, 2pk 1.5 lb ea, 3 lb Total

Philosophy Gym Ankle/Wrist Weights, 2pk 1.5 lb ea, 3 lb Total

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Ankle weights are a must-have for anyone doing any type of cardio! These amazing fitness tools add so much to a workout . without requiring much additional effort. Simply strap them on . do the work . and feel the burn! For your home gym . or for when you're walking . running . jogging . doing cardio . HIIT . aerobics . core training . or pilates . these are excellent fitness weights to change things up a bit.

The beauty of fitness weights is that they can be used on the ankles or wrists. They can be incorporated into a wide array of different exercises to give an added challenge . increase your fat-burning potential . or to build muscle in an easy . convenient manner.

Our fitness weight set has been constructed of high-quality . super-strength neoprene fabric . allowing for maximum breathability with a soft . smooth . and flexible fit. The interior of these weights is moisture-absorbing . offering added comfort when you're working up a sweat. Interlocked . reinforced stitching increases their durability and sturdiness. They feature adjustable straps . which allow them to be customized to fit almost anyone the use of the hook-and-loop closure.

Philosophy Gym ankle wrist weights are sold in pairs. They are available in weight sizes from 1 pound to 5 pounds: 1 . 1.5 . 2 . 2.5 . 3 . 4 . and 5 lbs.

Philosophy Gym provides quality fitness equipment with exceptional durability to meet all your workout needs.
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